About Us

Jobois Cutting Board and Butcher Block were passionately crafted in St. Louis, Missouri by skilled and experienced craftsmen using domestic and exotic hardwoods sustainably harvested by skilled craftsmen using methods that have been mastered over so many years.  At Jobois, Wood experts pick the finest quality domestic and exotic hardwoods to make the cutting boards and butcher blocks worth the time and effort.

Who We Are

Jobois concentrates specifically on cutting boards made from premium woods that are handpicked by the experts, which comes under the Shop4Wood LLC. We are a sister concern of the Exotic Woodzone Company, a global distributor of exotic wood products for furniture, musical instruments, turning objects, etc.

What Makes Us Strong

Jockey Mohammed, under the guidance of his father Casper, who is a maestro in the wood business paved the way for Jobois cutting board brand. Jockey started out working for his father’s sawmill and was gradually trained to select the best wood products under the supervision and guidance of well-known experts in the field. For the past 36 years, Jockey has been supplying specialized exotic wood products to countries like Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the USA, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Spain, and more.

What Makes Us Special

We believe in a vision of raising the economy of our country by driving business inside the country. We have an exotic collection of cutting boards that are exclusively manufactured in the USA. We developed ergonomic designs that are top-notch in the market. Jobois believes that quality should be prioritized over profit. Our wide research network understands the customer needs and formulates the best products at a reasonable cost.