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Before investing in a cutting board, one requires adequate knowledge about taking care of it. There are cutting boards that are over 50 years that people keep to hand it down to the younger generation. To make this possible, it is important to have good knowledge about cutting boards. This article will give a proper insight on how to take care of a cutting board and seasoning tips that you can keep in mind. Happy reading!

How to take care of a cutting board

  • Wash your cutting board by hand
  • If you are cutting something dry like bread, wiping it with a kitchen towel will be enough. In the majority of cases where you have to slice vegetables or meat, it is wise to wash it with a gentle soap by hand. This will make sure that the water content from the vegetables that seeped into the pores are cleaned.

  • Wipe and air dry 
  • After washing the cutting board, wipe the excess water with a kitchen towel and let it air dry. One of the main things to keep in mind while using a cutting board is letting the water dry fast.

  • Use a gentle liquid dish soap
  • The wood requires gentle and precise care. Use a  small amount of diluted dish soap and gently rinse it. Make sure to wash all the soap and let it air dry.

  • Do not use a dishwasher 
  • Soaking the cutting board in water for a long time can cause the board to wrap. The best thing to do is to wash the cutting board in the water with diluted liquid dish soap and let it air dry. 

  • Clean the cutting board soon after you use them 
  • Instead of waiting for a long time, it is better to clean the cutting board soon after use. This will prevent the food juices, residues, and other particles from penetrating into the pores of the cutting board. This will also prevent the flavor of garlic, onions, and ginger from hanging on to other ingredients.

  • Clean and sanitize after cutting raw meat
  • In case you are using the same board for meat and vegetables, it is important to sanitize the board soon after each use. You can use white vinegar or ½ teaspoon of bleach in a cup of water. You can rub lemon on the surface to remove the strong smell. Using baking soda directly on the board can remove stains.

    How to season a cutting board?

    Seasoning should be done three times before use and should be done when the board starts losing its finished look. You can use mineral oil, coconut oil, or any oil that does not have high unsaturated fat. There are many factors that determine when to season a cutting board. You can tell when you need to season by looking at the board. It may have a greyish dull color and a worn out texture.

    Keep the cutting board on your kitchen counter and keep a kitchen towel next to it (an old t-shirt will also work)

    Pour a generous quantity of oil on the center of the board and use the cloth to rub the oil in small circular motions. Make sure to see that the oil enters all cervices. Prop the board upright and let the oil absorb overnight.

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