Personalised wooden cutting board gift ideas for valentine's Day - Jobois

Personalised wooden cutting board gift ideas for valentine's Day - Jobois

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A thoughtful and personalized gift can make someone feel special and loved. A customized cutting board is a thoughtful gift that can be reused for years and is a perfect addition to your kitchen essentials. However, it is crucial to buy a cutting board that is made from good quality wood to prevent it from getting easily damaged by water or rough use. This is where we can help! Jobois has a wide variety of cutting boards at different price ranges. To make this Valentine's day more special, join us on our Valentine's day sale of up to 50% off! Get customizable cutting boards at affordable prices and a wide variety of options on 

There are a variety of wild and fusion design cutting boards to choose from. To make it easier, we have made a detailed description of each type!

1)Wild Design Cutting Boards

Wild design cutting boards are minimalistic and simple. They are made out of one or two species of good-quality wood. We offer a wide variety of pre-made cutting boards on our website, created from different kinds of wood. You can choose a combination that you find the most appealing and present it as a gift that can be used for years! Shop now!

Recommendations based on different color schemes and patterns:

a)Light cream and dark chocolate brown.

Woods used: Hard Maple and Black Walnut. This color contrast is beautiful and different at the same time. Instead of the usual brown cutting boards that are made using a single type of wood, this will be something new to the eye.



Bronzed Beam Customizable Handmade Cutting Board

As the name suggests, this cutting board has patterns similar to a leopard. The beautiful wood has brown spots that make the board look intricate and beautiful. This can be a perfect addition to any kitchen!

c)Alternating light and dark faded brown bands of the Sapele wood

Nature’s Rays Customizable Handmade Cutting Board

Even though it is made from one type of wood, this stands out amidst all the other cutting boards. The beautiful pattern is rare to find and is such a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. 

2)Fusion Design Cutting Boards

Beautiful Premium Wild Design Cutting Board | Handmade In USA | 18" x 16" x 2" | EX-115

They are made by combining multiple species of wood. The final product is unique due to the combination of various species. Each wood has different patterns and combining them to make the final cutting board makes fusion design special. They stand out and are a perfect showstopping gift for your partner.

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Customize Your Cutting Boards!

Make your gift feel more personal and different by customizing it according to your needs. We provide a variety of options for you to customize and make each board convenient to use.

  • Add Grooves
  • The Juice Groove acts as a place for any juices, other liquids, or loose pieces of food that are being cut, to sit and pool, in order to make the cutting process easier. The Groove also reduces spills while cutting, keeping the user's kitchen clean. You can add this option to your cutting board for just $20!

  • Personalize the edges
  • You can design the edges in any way that you prefer. There are options to keep it the way it is without smoothening the edges. You can also smoothen either the top or the bottom edges according to your needs.

  • Handles
  • Add handles on the center or on the bottom of the cutting board according to your preference! This will help you to hang and hold the board easily.

  • Bushes
  • Adding bushes on four corners, help the board to stay in place and keeps it away from the kitchen counter making the cutting process safe and neat.

    Customize your favorite board!

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