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Premium Hand Made Cutting Boards/Chopping Boards With Free Shipping.

Why not Crimson like The African Mahogany

Jobois cutting boards are the perfect way to show off your culinary skills. These handmade in the USA cutting boards are made from African Mahogany, a rich hardwood that will add a touch of elegance to your kitchen. With its variable color and straight grains with medium texture, this board is sure to be a standout piece in your collection.

    Jobois cutting boards are Handmade in the USA by highly skilled craftsmen from Exotic Wood Zone.

    Wood Board Care Basics

    My creators have sent me From Jobois to be at your Service. In order for me to serve you to the best of my abilities, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. 

    • Long Baths is a big no, no. A quick Hand Wash with a sponge and warm water maybe cold will get me squeaky clean in no time.
    • Not a big fan of the sauna, I mean dishwasher.
    • Love a good oil massage. Invest in a good mineral oil (no cooking/fatty oils) and use it every 3 weeks so that I can stay with you longer.
    • I like standing up when I'm off duty. This allows me to thoroughly air dry evenly.

    Oiling the Board - 101


    If you have done the washing and drying process successfully, your next step is to oil the board. For this, we recommend a food-grade safe mineral oil.


    Regularly applying mineral oil to cutting boards can keep them from becoming dry and brittle, which can lead to formation of cracks. Oil-treated boards also prevent liquids from penetrating the board, which can cause bacteria and germs to thrive on. This process also preserves the natural color of the wood for a longer period of time.


    Wash: Wash your board with warm or cool water and soap.

    Dry: Allow the board to completely air dry. Keeping the board in a slated upright position helps.

    Oil: Apply an even and thin layer of oil using a soft cloth or a paper towel.

    Soak: Let the board soak in all the goodness for a day.

    Clean: Clean the board with a dry soft cloth or paper towel to remove any excess.


    Whenever the cutting board feels dry to touch you can go ahead and oil the board. It is also recommended to do this procedure monthly to prolong the life of your board.


    Jobois Cutting Boards and Butchers Blocks are handcrafted by highly skilled craftsmen to suit your culinary needs. These boards can be used in the Kitchen (both households and professional), these can also be used as Charcuterie boards, butcher blocks etc.